Bi-Annual Moose Day


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Moose Day Waiting List

All Winter Moose Day routes are currently taken. Sign up for the waiting list below. Any routes that become available will be offered to waiting list members on a first come first serve basis.

Register for a Route

Winter and Summer Moose Day are two events that happen each year in the Laramie area.  The idea is to allow anyone in the Laramie area to adopt a pre-designed route, attend a training, and survey their route on a particular day at the same time as all the other volunteers.  By the end of that day, we should have a better idea of whether moose can be found in that location that year. 

How it works

Adopting a route is simple. First, if you haven't already, please sign up on our free data collection portal, WyoBio (we will share more about WyoBio at the training!); we will be using this as part of our data collection process on Moose Day. Then, review the routes coresponding to the season you are participating, Summer or Winter, and select Two routes that are appropriate for you; a first and a second choice. Make sure you select routes that haven't been adopted already (adopted routes will be marked as such). Remember the area that each route is located in, and head to the registration form

Routes are awarded as they are selected, on a first come, first served basis. You will receive an email verifying your registration and the route (either first or second choice) and your route will be marked as adopted. In the unlikely case that both of your routes were selected before your registration we will contact you directly to let you select a third option, or to see if you might be interested in combining parties. 


Training is required for first-time Moose Day participants! This one-hour training will cover a bit about moose ecology, how to identify moose gender and age, how to determine if tracks are moose or something else, and more. It'll be fun, we promise!

If you are a returning Moose Day'er, training is not required, but still highly recommended. A refresher on moose ecology can't hurt!
One training session is available; if you are a new participant and cannot attend the session, please let the coordinators know as soon as possible.

Training schedule:

Monday, January 22- 7 pm, Berry Center Auditorium.

The Berry Center is located at the corner of 10th and Lewis on the UW campus.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact our project coordinator, Juliet, via email ( or phone (307-766-6240) and she will be happy to assist you!

Waiting List Registration

Note: Please register with Wyobio before completing the Moose Day registration.
A WyoBio Username is required to complete your registration.

Click here to register for WyoBio if you are not already registered. Registration will open in a new window. 

Step 1 of 2: Contact and Survey Group Information
Step 2 of 2. Training and Participation Agreement
I understand that I am voluntarily signing up to participate in this activity, and that this activity includes risks associated with traversing in wild areas. I accept that any damages or harm resulting from this activity are my own responsibility.
Agreement: *

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By engaging the public in citizen science projects like the Bi-Annual Moose Day Program, the Biodiversity Institute hopes to collect vital data on moose in the Laramie wilderness region, while simultaneously teaching people about Moose ecology, their seasonal habitats, and their need for our help.  

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