Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project


Training Registration

Sign up for the Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project in-person training.

Use the form below to register for in-person training.

In-person trainings will include:

~1.5 hours indoors reviewing protocol

 ~1.5 hours spent outdoors practicing proper amphibian handling techniques, etc.

~ 1/2 hour spent traveling

Remember to bring snacks/lunch, water, and field clothing (layers, hat, sunscreen, rubber boots, etc.). 

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By engaging the public in citizen science projects like the  Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project, the Biodiversity Institute hopes to collect vital data on amphibians in the Rocky Mountain region, while simultaneously teaching people about amphibians, their unique life histories, and their need for our help.  

Please consider supporting this project, and other citizen science projects across the Rocky Mountain Region with a donation to the Biodiversity Institute! 

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