The WyoBio Minute


Episode 1. Wyoming the Headwaters State

Original Air Date: 08/22/17 04:46:pm

Photo: Wyoming Dept. of Environmental Quality

This WyoBio Minute was written and narrated by Sara Kirkpatrick.
"Wyoming is known as a headwater state. Headwaters are common due to the mountainous landscape. 70% of Wyoming’s surface water originates as snowmelt, giving life to streams and rivers in the region. On average Wyoming’s precipitation accounts for 16.3 million acre-feet of surface water. This alone can fill around 8 million Olympic sized swimming pools.
The continental divide also plays a role in Wyoming's water. This hydrological divide determines which direction water will flow, either West toward the Pacific Ocean or East to the Atlantic. 15.4 million acre-feet of water flows out into major rivers across the United States. Water is an incredibly valuable resource used for agriculture, industry, and everyday tasks. So the next time you pass by a stream, remember the water flows towards something greater."